Foodie Gear: Lighting – Essential items to elevate your Instagram and Blog photos to new heights!

Lisa Marie Restaurant Foodie Dinner with Jojoinstameets

The topic of Lighting.  I have many IG friends, and we are all food lovers, but ultimately we are really photographers.   As photographers of deliciousness, no matter what kind of camera you have, be it a DSLR or a Smartphone, the only thing we really chase… is light. At…


Pizza Pie or Pizza Pi ? Either way, At Pi Co Pizza, this Craft-Your-Own Pizza joint could not be more delicious!

pi co pizza arugula tomatos

Pizza – A yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven.  Generally in a round shape. Pi – The symbol used by mathematicians to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is the lowercase Greek letter π, sometimes spelled out as pi,…


Margherita Monday – Il Fornello wants you to beat the Monday Blues with Pizza.

il fornello margherita cheese pizza

Wood Fired Margherita Pizzas.   Il Fornello is one of those restaurants that I’ve known ever since I was a kid.  They were the first Canadian restaurant to have wood-fired pizzas and started in 1986, which explains why I remember them from such a long time back.  I was lucky that Ian…


Maple Syrup with a Cause – 29 Fevrier & Alzheimer’s Society of Canada

29frevier maple syrup pancakes

We all know what maple syrup tastes like, and that it goes wonderfully on pancakes, but did you know that Maple Syrup is made from sap collected from maple trees during the sugaring season which starts around mid-February and last until April.  Did you also know that trees need to…


Pizza & Pasta on a budget? TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta is the answer

tostos quickfire pizza pasta margherita cheese

Living in Downtown Toronto has it’s perks, such as walking distance to fun places, great places to eat and drink.   The big downside is that the cost of living is very expensive.   While I’d love to dine at every amazing restaurant that pops up, my budget restricts me.  Which is…